our policies, procedures + camp safety


we are deeply COMMITTED to the safety and care of each and every camper and staff member on the mountain. We do our very best to maintain the health and safety of each camper by providing adequate rest, sleep, hydration and healthy eating along with constant and caring supervision.


Every conceivable effort is made to protect camper health and safety through training of Staff, inspection of equipment, and instruction to campers; however,  Camp assumes no responsibility for accident or illness. This includes visitors (family and friends of campers) as well as campers.


A deposit is no longer required to submit an application, however once we enroll your camper a deposit is necessary to hold your campers spot. We require a deposit of $200.00 per week registered for each child. Invoices for your campers tuition (deposit + remaining balance) are sent AFTER your camper has been been enrolled. Please do not mail in checks until after you have heard from us.

Additionally, credit cards will not be charged until after invoices have been sent.

Deposits will only be refunded for cancellations prior to April 30.  After that date, refunds are given in emergency situations (illness, injury, or death in the family). In case of an emergency or illness causing a camper to leave early before their final day of Camp, a pro-rated fee will be charged for days at Camp, and a refund given for the remainder of time.

swim policy + water safety

Please let us know at Check-In if you have any concerns about your Camper's swimming abilities. 

At the beginning of each week, each Camper in the youngest cabins perform a basic swim check test. This isn't a scary or arduous swim test, it is simply a safety swim check: a lap accompanied with a counselor within our enclosed swim area and a water tread for a minute.

Any Camper who is a non-swimmer or not a strong swimmer will buddy up with a Staff Member at each Free Swim. Additionally, we advise and go over our Non-Swimmer (or not strong swimmer) List weekly during our Staff meetings. This is critical that everyone on Staff knows of these Campers to ensure extra swim safety care and supervision. 

Our Staff is vigilant about making sure every Camper is with their swim buddy when in the water. Staff members will always be in the water with the Campers. Every 15 minutes during Free Swim we perform safety checks we call a "Buddy Check". There are Staff members on Guard Duty at each Free Swim at the Waterfront and a Guard on a Kayak in the water. Certified Life Guards are present at every Free Swim.


Our facilities are inspected and licensed each year by the Madison County Health Department. Experienced doctors and specialists are within 10-30 minutes in nearby Madison, Culpeper and Charlottesville. Medical expenses (doctor bills and prescriptions) for illness incurred while at Camp will be the responsibility of parent or guardian. These charges are due and payable when your Camper get picked up from Camp. All skin abrasions, blisters, cuts, and bug bites should be brought to the attention of a Staff member so that care can be given.

Staff members are there to help with tick checks, applying sunscreen and bugspray for the younger Campers as needed and older Campers are reminded to do so regularly. If you prefer your Camper not wear sunscreen or bugspray, please let us know. If you have a specific type of bugspray and sunscreen please bring those items in a ziplock bag with your Camper's name on it. These items will remain with your Camper in his/her cabin for the week. Campers are regularly reminded and encouraged to handwash before meals and there are multiple locations throughout camp and inside cabins where hand sanitizer is available.

*Medications, sunscreens, and insect repellents brought from home must be in the original container and checked in with your Camper on Saturday morning.

items from home

Camp is busy, messy, dirty, and is good old fashioned FUN. Many items can easily get lost, misplaced, borrowed, and broken. We highly recommend your Camper leave valuable items at home. Camp Varsity and our Staff is not responsible for any of these items.

Tobacco products, illegal drugs, alcohol, knives, hatchets, guns, weapons, or fireworks must NOT be brought to Camp and will result in the individual being removed from Camp. 

Cell Phones + other electronic devices

We are incredibly proud and passionate for many reasons about keeping Camp un-plugged. We work hard to create and nurture a space worry-free from all the business and distractions of devices which drastically interfere with the beauty of the Camp experience and nature connection. There is no cell phone signal on the mountain.



Cell phones and other electronic devices with Wi-Fi capabilities are not permitted (ipods, ipads, kindles, tablets, wi-fi/smart watches). 

Older iPods (non Wi-Fi) or MP3 players are permitted for campers to listen to music in their cabins, but may not be carried around the mountain. Any phones or devices brought to Camp that do not support our policies and interfere with the campers experience will be placed in a secure space in the Staff office and returned to the Camper upon their departure.


Campers typically find a nice rhythm early on in the week and make themselves right at home. Some campers may have a harder time adjusting or may be missing home more than others. Our Staff takes extra care with those campers that may need a little extra support, especially in those first few days of Camp.

If we have any concerns your child may be homesick or struggling for other reasons, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. In these cases, we will call and explain what is happening here at Camp and work with you and your Camper to help come up with solutions. Likewise, if you receive a letter or any other indication that you Camper may be homesick or struggling, please let us know as soon as possible!